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The trend of educational decadence in our nation today is alarming. Students have lost interest in learning.  And the cause is not far fetched. It can be easily  traced to lack of quality education, motivation and rewards for hardwork among the students.

And recently, we discovered that sticking to the outdated traditional method of teaching/learning in the third world countries like Nigeria is another major cause of students losing interest in learning.

Truly the old system of teaching/learning is tedious as well as  boring. But not so in modern system. Learning through a digital medium can make teaching/learning  fascinating and fun.

We believe that by making learning appealing, competitive and rewarding academic excellence among the students, we can win back their interest in learning.

About Us

Bunmi Olusa Foundation is a non-governmental philanthropic organisation established to encourage education and skills and talents development among the youths and teenagers in rural areas, by offering scholarship to students and promoting activities that set the scene for talent discovery and development.

The foundation was established in 2020 by Fola Olubunmi Olusa, a Nigerian philanthropist and businessman. A man with kind heart and strong passion for helping the youths attain a better tomorrow.


Our Belief

Bunmi Olusa Foundation strongly believe that the youths are leaders of tomorrow and the future of this nation. But if they are not empowered, it becomes very difficult for them to achieve their great dreams, discover and develop their amazing talents.

For these reasons, we are committed to encouraging learning and rewarding hardwork among the students, as well as promoting skills and talents development among the youths.


Encouraging academic hardwork among the students and promoting skills and talent development among the youths.


To reawaken interest in learning by rewarding academic hardwork among the students across all levels

To make learning exciting and appealing through exposure to modern digital learning system.

To promote activities that steer skills and talents development among the youths through training and competition.

To reward excellence performances among the students.

METHODs of Operation

We engage the students in regular sensitisation seminars, exposing them to the modern digital method of teaching and learning in other to make learning more appealling and reawaken their interest.

We organise quiz competition and reward academic hard work by offering scholarship and prizes to students in other to encourage education and bring back the reading culture to our schools.

We also promote activities such as football competition and other  engagements that  set the scene for talent discovery and development among the youths.

Quiz Competition

The quiz competition shall cover secondary school students and the A level and will be in three categories as below:

Junior Category

Senior category

A Level


The contestants will be tested in

English, Mathematics and general knowledge. The general knowledge will cover current affairs, basic human biology and civic education.

  • Participant must be a student of public secondary school
  • Participants will be selected based on their latest performances in school.
  • Top six students from each school (two from science, art and commercial) will compete in the first stage.
  • Best three students from each school will qualify for the second round.
  • The three overall best students will qualify for the grand finale to compete for the first, second and third positions.


Junior Category


3 years scholarship (SS1-3)

First Runner Up


Second Runner Up


Senior Category


SSCE & UTME scholarships

First Runner Up


Second Runner Up



There will be annual football competition (BOF football competition) where youths with football skills can showcase their gift. This will help develop the gift and expose them to bigger opportunities out there.



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About Bunmi Olusa

Fola Olubunmi Olusa is a Nigerian philanthropist and businessman from Ajowa, Akoko north west area of Ondo State. He is a man with kind heart and strong passion for helping the youths attain a better tomorrow.
Bunmi Olusa

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